A Lateral Cephalometric radiograph is an x-ray taken of the side of the face with very precise positioning, so that various measurements can be made to determine the current and future relationship of the top and bottom jaw (maxilla and mandible) and therefore assess the nature of a patient’s bite.

Main indications:

Assessment of growth, diagnosis & treatment plan, & treatment progress in orthodontics & orthognathic surgery.
Fractures of the cranium, the cranial base & middle face.
Investigation of the frontal, sphenoidal & maxillary sinuses
Conditions affecting the skull vault, particularly:

– Paget’s disease

– Multiple myeloma

– Hyperparathyroidism

Conditions affecting the sella turcica, such as:

– Tumour of the pituitary gland in acromegaly.

Foreign body in oropharynx.

Photo illustrating a patient during cephalometric scanning